Three models of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 FE confirmed for Korean market

As reported in the past, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 FE will be (re) launched in Korean market in July. Now, three models – SM-N935S, SM-N935K and SM-N935L appeared on the support page of the Samsung official website. Further more, the phone will be launched in Korea through these mobile carriers, SM-N935S (SK Telecom), SM-N935K (KT) and SM-N935L (LG Uplus). Two other international variants were also spotted in the past – SM-N935F (Single SIM version) and SM-N935FD (Dual SIM version).

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 FE is the Fandom Edition of the fire pot Galaxy Note 7. This time, the phone packs a smaller battery size of 3200 mAh compared to 3500 mAh equipped in the Note 7. Rest all specs are same. The company has plans to produce 450000 units.

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